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Don't Even Sink About ItMarta G. Ismail was born in Camaguey, Cuba.  Her first works were inspired with flavors of her beloved country. This era brought forth on canvas a landscape rich with green vast plains and valleys. Subsequently, after several years in Europe and the United States, she began to reflect her emotions and inner self through elements that depicts life through a dream.

Her work is a revelation of her soul. An interpretation and juxtaposition of conventional forms to create a vision brimming with pleasant fantasies where what is real is irrelevant and dreams modify and guide everything. Inner caprice directs her compositions, use of light, and color. The finished work is a reflection of her unconscious search for truth- the truth that she find in dreams.

Marta G. Ismail uses three types of media - oil, acrylics and charcoal, but her primary form of expression is based on oil and acrylics.


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