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“Many are the paths in art and its expressions greatly varied a condition which her artwork clearly conveys.  The outstanding work of the Cuban painter, Marta G. Ismail, interprets and transforms conventional forms into a vision brimming with pleasant fantasies, where what is real is irrelevant and dreams modify and guide everything.  She transposes the location of objects on a personal caprice, the partial awakening from a fascinating rapture being what directs her brush strokes, color and composition, as well as the totality of her work.”
-- Frank Ebra, Miami, Florida

“The work of the Cuban painter Marta G. Ismail displays sensitivity in an unknown world where the elements become part of her individuality.  This is the beginning of the marvelous paths of illusions and sharing dreams of nature with subtlety and acceptance.  In any event, regardless of the elements that achieve the pictorial anecdote, it is possible to recognize and understand that we are dealing with something very special that is her own world in which her work generates elements that enable us to understand life as a dream.”
-- Barbara Rueda, Miami, Florida


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